The Family Resource

parent helping child with homeworkWhen our children’s moral character goes underdeveloped, no single institution stands to lose more than the American Family. While every aspect of life will certainly experience struggles associated with a morally bankrupt society, the Nation’s schools, restaurants, banks, and retail stores will not seize to exist in the way that the family will.

Those soft skills that society naturally expects of its citizens have their earliest lessons with the family; in the home. A student or employer’s ability to act responsibly, with discipline, and respect stems from lessons taught and reinforced by parents and siblings. Learning to solve problems and collaborate despite momentary dissension, can occur naturally in homes where families recognize the significance of those relationships that  cannot be as easily replaced as those at school, in the community, or on the job.

In 2009 the necessity to preserve the Family compelled me to write my first workbook entitled, Re-Engaging the Village: The Essence of Parenting. This text is highly engaging, thought provoking and deeply personal. It provides parents with an understanding of who they are and the impact that their personalities have on their children’s outcomes. Most importantly, this short book will guide you in using your favorite childhood activities to develop character.  No matter what your family structure, income, or educational status, this book will give you the information you need to ensure the stability and longevity of your family. For additional information contact me.