The Community Resource

volunteer tutoring a childAs church and community leaders you recognize the moral and soft skills deficits of today’s adolescence.  You respond by establishing organizations, planning events, and devising detailed programs designed to address these character flaws. Unfortunately, the average parent does not understand your sense of urgency. As a result, they drop their child off to be “fixed”. While you are hard at work with their child, they are fulfilling other necessary obligations…grocery shopping, paying bills, praying for strength!. You want them to understand that the problem is theirs but you are here to help. What do you do? You begin by teaching them what you know; what keeps you awake at night. The hard facts…the truth!

As an avid researcher, I have spent over 15 years getting the attention of parents. I do this by providing research that detailing current problems in households, schools, on jobs, and correction facilities; those areas that can change the outcomes of our children. If you need parents to understand how to partner with your organization,  contact me.