Time for School!

Summer vacation is almost over. In a matter of days, it will be time to return to school and ALL the responsibilities that come with it. While some parents are excited, others are dreading what the school year holds. Completing the two dozen forms that come each new school year, asking about daily homework assignments and weekly tests; monitoring grades, emailing teachers….it can be overwhelming. Although most parents and students eventually get used to the rat race and ultimately make sense of it, there are those parents and children who have great difficulty with the home-school transition.

For some, the transition can be a paralyzing experience. Typically, the switch is most difficult for students whose homes lack the structure, high expectations and demand for accountability present within the school and classroom. In these instances, students leave a comfortable home with limited demand and responsibility and plenty of fun and freedom, only to arrive at school to face a completely different world.

In this world, they are asked to care for themselves and their belongings. They are given time limits to complete work, asked to sit quietly for long periods of time, and required to listen and follow every teacher directive….most of which they don’t do at home. As parents, we must both understand and respect the structure that schools provide. However, our understanding and respect cannot stop their, it should translate into action. In our homes, there must be structure: a set time for homework, dinner, play. We should set individual responsibilities for our children to maintain cleanliness, care for themselves and the household. We must see to it that they learn how to establish, keep, and when necessary mend friendships.

If you are a parent who desires to help your child make the home to school transition with ease and comfort, there are some changes that must be made in your home. Changes that help your child understand the demands of the world and their responsibility to one day live up to them as citizens.